• Tannery: Charles F. Stead
  • Country: UK
  • Substance: 1.8/2mm
  • Tanning: Chrome
  • Finish: Waxed

Waxy Commander leather is one of our favorites materials to work & wear. Heavily waxed suede exclusively sourced from the renowned suedemaker C F Stead Tannery in Leeds, UK, which is often considered to be the best in its class.

It is the perfect all weather leather—ready for anything you through at it: waterproof, extremely resilient versatile, easy to wear & even easier to maintain.

As with any leather, you'll want to prevent it from drying out, and in this specific case we do recommend to keep the Waxy Commander nourished & waterproofed with an occasional maintenance with our Dubbin Wax from Famaco or even Famaco's Renovateur, for a lighter protection.

Definitely the perfect all weather leather.

Waxy Commander Jumper Boot
Waxy Commander Shearling Boot
Waxy Commander Chelsea Boot