• Tannery: Charles F. Stead
  • Country: UK
  • Substance: 2mm
  • Finish: Waxed

Waxy Kudu leather is a truly unique and very special one—Made using antelope leather from Southern regions of Africa. A striking & very unique waxed leather which features all the natural blemishes, scars and scratches of a wild antelope that lived in the bushes. Blemishes & cuts are part of the interest of this leather and are be used on the production of the uppers, making every single pair truly unique. Exclusively sourced from the renowned suedemaker C F Stead Tannery in Leeds, UK, which is often considered to be the best in its class.

Waxy Kudu is a thick, extremely soft and yet very durable leather. It is a true pleasure to wear and see age over time, developing an incredible patina, aside from getting more and more comfortable over the time.

As with any leather, you'll want to prevent it from drying out, and in this specific case we do recommend to keep the Waxy Kudu nourished & waterproofed with an occasional maintenance with our Dubbin Wax from Famaco or even Famaco's Renovateur, for a lighter protection.

Definitely the perfect boot leather.

Waxy Kudu Norvegese Service Boot
Waxy Kudu Norvegese Service Boot
Waxy Kudu Chelsea
Waxy Kudu Jumper